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Manuscript Procedure, Pricing, Time Required
and Confidentiality For Language-Related Work


Manuscript Procedure

Manuscripts may be submitted to John via e-mail or other electronic transfer, or of course on paper. If digital manuscripts are received, they will normally be printed, with corrections made on the printout which is returned to the author. All proposed changes to a text are clearly marked and explained, and followup questions answered, so that clients can make informed final decisions on their papers before submission for publication.

This method is generally more time-saving, allows greater flexibility in commenting on possible changes, and ensures that the author will be fully aware of the changes made to the manuscript. For shorter texts, editing a digital version directly is also possible; this can be done for longer texts as well, but is seldom cost-effective.


Pricing is via a standard hourly charge, which results in lower cost especially for longer texts (vs. 'charge-per-page', where each page is charged regardless of the work required). Clients thus pay only for the actual working time. Payment is via billing after completion of the work.

Charges for a manuscript depend on the amount of work required. A rule of thumb would be ca. 8-12 pages per hour for first-handlings of papers with standard text size and density which do not require extensive modification. A preliminary estimate of the work required and total cost can be provided on request. With journal publications, it is normal that there would be second and even third versions of the paper after editorial and reviewer comments on earlier drafts. The time needed for work on successive versions is normally less than than that needed for earlier ones.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time for texts can also be estimated in advance. This may be only a day or two for texts less than 20 pages, but of course will depend on the text length, amount of work to be done, the client's schedule, method of return, etc.


Client communication and manuscript work is 100% confidential, unless the client wishes to credit the proofreading and editing in the final publication.

Contact Information

Office: Lielahdenkatu 40-E-19, 33410 Tampere.

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