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John D. Hopkins
Tampere, Finland


John D. Hopkins, via Hopkins Consulting, has provided professional English-language proofreading, language correction, manuscript editing, and other publication services to a variety of satisfied clients for over four decades. Other fields in which he has consulted include curriculum development and the integration of ICT in Finnish and European higher education; international educational mobility administration and marketing; United States and intercultural Area Studies; and the education systems of the U.S. and Finland. Further information on John's activity is available in this background file.

Typical language services clients have been education, medical, business or other researchers who have written their papers directly in English and want to have them reviewed before submission for publication. Such texts are usually fluently written with an expert command of the field's terminology, but some editing of structure, language flow, punctuation, spelling, and cohesion of English variants (to eliminate mixing American and British English usage, for example) is needed to ensure that they are ready for publication. Third-party translations of a client's papers are also often submitted, to review and ensure that they are fully ready for publication.

Other work has included polishing speeches and conference presentations, checking that manuscripts meet the different formatting and style specifications of professional journals; and the revision of doctoral dissertations written in English by international scholars. Business clients ask for product descriptions and international marketing material to be reviewed to ensure effectiveness for specific markets, or for trans-cultural 'universal' effectiveness as web-based material. Please see procedure, pricing, time required, and other relevant details if you are interested in language-related consulting work.

Consulting on the Administration of Online Educational Resources

Hopkins was an early leader in the provision of ICT resources to European and U.S. higher education, to the field of international education as well as via his academic work at the University of Tampere. During the 1990s he administered via the Center for Scientific Computing in Espoo the initial gopher and eventually web resources for the CEPES-UNESCO European Center for Higher Education, the European Association for International Education, and the OSEAS/NEXUS network of international education advisers outside the U.S.

At the University of Tampere he administered the web resources of the FAST Area Studies Program as well as staff web resources for the Department of Translation Studies. He also administered Listserv, Listproc, and Majordomo mailing lists for the OSEAS-World e-mail network as well as the UTA FAST Program, and chaired the listserv administration boards for the EAIE and for NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Past consulting work has also included all of these areas, in Finland and abroad. Please contact John for further information on any of these services.

Contact Information

E-mail: HopkinsConsulting@gmail.com;
Office: Lielahdenkatu 40-E-19, 33410 Tampere.

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